ITOCA is a leader in providing project consultancy in the area of developmental work. With four regional locations in Africa and multiple project offices positioned as required, ITOCA can effectively support your project needs. ITOCA’s project portfolio encompasses project evaluation, field analysis for grants, needs assessments, skills development, development of modules, projects assessment and grant proposal writing.

ITOCA’s proven service record of accomplishments extends beyond Africa for providing exceptional quality, innovation and professional integrity in its project consultancy. We have a dynamic team of project managers, trainers, facilitators, moderators and IT technical staff. We strive to deliver exceptionally!

It provides specialised project consultancy in several thematic areas including agriculture, develoment, education, environment, and scientific technological & Medical (STM).


ITOCA provides advisory and training services in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) on ICT and related programs. The need for M&E is found in every organisation and company to ensure that your work, projects and products are well maintained and all set goals, indicators and milestones are not only achieved but also monitored and measured. The need to show that an organisation is making a difference or that a company is running efficiently making profit calls for proper M&E.

ITOCA continues to explore the most comprehensive M&E methodologies and tools. We also include participatory evaluations in our work. The M&E work we do includes international, regional and small projects and organisations. We also run several professional tailored M&E training courses throughout the year, in house and onsite. The curricula are designed to meet and suit the client’s’ needs.


The Information Training and Outreach Centre, ITOCA, spearheads outreach and marketing activities for the TEEAL, Research4Life and PROTA programs across Africa. It is engaged by Cornell University-Mann Library and the UN agencies (FAO, WHO, WIPO and UNEP) to promote, train and provide technical support for the information access programs TEEAL, AGORA, HINARI, ARDI and OARE, respectively.

ITOCA officers, supported through project activities by funders such as the Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, CTA, FAO, WHO and PROTA Foundation, have carried out over 850 outreach and training missions in the last twenty two years. This has been done across Sub-Saharan Africa reaching over 20,000 research and educational institutions. Through this ITOCA has been providing vital ICT consultancy to agricultural, environment and medical institutions.

With an extensive network of about 45 representatives and liaisons (professors, librarians and scientists) across the continent, ITOCA manages to provide on-the-ground coverage of the needs in ICT for development in Africa.


ITOCA offers a comprehensive range of marketing research and analysis services in development work aimed at facilitating better programs management and assessment of intervention strategies in order to achieve programs set goals and milestones.

We also provide a platform which fosters guidance, support and opportunities for knowledge sharing and information exchange in order to improve collaboration among participating groups. We provide professional data mining; literature review; information synthesis and project reports services tailored to meet the client needs.

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