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TEEAL/AGORA Focus Group meetingA TEEAL/AGORA focus group meeting, 25 May 2006, was a notable side event to the IAALD conference, where twentyfive TEEAL and AGORA users met and discussed various issues pertaining to the two electronic agricultural information databases. This focus group aimed at bringing together and documenting experiences and lessons from users of AGORA/ TEEAL and similar online journal resources. It was designed for librarians, information specialists, and researchers who are interested in the use of S & T resources with particular focus on AGORA. Various issues pertaining to AGORA and TEEAL were raised like problems with publishers websites, link between AGORA and CAB abstracts, AGORA search interface and suggestions such as the need to see TEEAL conversion to a webbased search engine. The recommendations from the focus group will be takenup in enhancing the two resources for the benefit of users. If you have any comments on how you feel the programs can be improved please don’t hesitate to write to, or