Who We Are


Who We Are

ITOCA is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) with its headquarters in Centurion, South Africa. ITOCA provides capacity development programs in Information Communication & Technology (ICT), research & development, project management, monitoring & evaluation (M & E), and knowledge management & exchange projects.

Our Vision

We envision an improved quality of life and sustainable development, in Africa through enhanced research and education.

Our Mission

To build capacity amongst the research and education communities in the latest information tools and advocate for the adoption of new technologies that drive development in Africa.

This Is Achieved Through:

  • Undertaking and funding outreach programmes in ICT and related activities
  • Holding institutional and national training workshops, seminars and capacity building programmes
  • Assisting benefiting institutions develop ICT programmes and seek funding internationally to implement these programmes
  • Provide technical support to implemented programmes at participating institutions
  • Through access to up-to-date, internationally published scientific literature, developing countries stand to benefit in terms of improved research and development programmes which lead to increased food production and improved livelihood.
  • ITOCA provides vehicles aimed at bridging the digital divide between the developed and developing countries in the fields of health, agriculture, environment and related sciences

Our Background:

Many Scientific Technical and Medical (STM) libraries in developing countries have not received any academic journals in over ten years. Other such libraries have been destroyed by war or economic and/or political havoc. Without access to current scientific information and scientists struggle – to keep up with advances in science and technology, to publish their own findings in peer-reviewed journals, to update their teaching curricula, to find funding, and in many other areas.

The demand for access to scientific literature in developing countries has gone unfulfilled for many years, and has led to the isolation of a generation of scientists from their peers.

Currently, the ITOCA runs six major programmes across African countries: AGORA, Hinari, OARE, ARDI, GOALI and TEEAL funded through partnerships with several international organisations such as the the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), UN agencies (FAO, WHO, UNEP, WIPO and ILO) and Cornell University.

Our Objectives:

Digital skills for researchers are key in research and development. ITOCA undertakes capacity building for academic and scientific communities in Africa and other regions through:

  • Outreach and marketing of relevant ICT tools and programmes.
  • Providing customised programme consultancy and support for universities, government departments, communities of practice, NGOs / CSOs and research institutions.
  • Assisting institutions to develop and formulate grant proposals for information programmes.
  • Providing tailored training for information resource programmes such as AGORA, Hinari, OARE, ARDI, GOALI and TEEAL for specific organisations and groups.
  • Partnering with International organisations working in research development.
  • Undertaking marketing research and programme evaluation studies in ICT projects.


Our Values






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