The $2M Food System Vision Prize — join us! 

The $2M Food System Vision Prize is an invitation for organizations, institutions, companies, governments and other entities across the globe to develop a concrete and actionable Vision of the food system that they aspire to see in the year 2050. Together, we’re seeking answers to the question:

How might we envision regenerative and nourishing food futures for 2050?

Visions can be submitted now through January 31, 2020 and 10 Top Visionaries will receive $200,000 USD for a total prize value of $2 million USD.

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Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa

ITOCA (Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa) is a capacity building organisation aimed at enhancing information and communications technology (ICT) skills for African librarians, information specialists, scientists, researchers and students in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Formerly, TEEAL Africa Office, the ITOCA learning centre was established in February 1999 as a marketing and support office for Cornell University’s Albert R. Mann Library TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library) programme for Africa. Now, ITOCA spearheads programme support for TEEAL and Research4Life (AGORA, HINARIOAREARDI and GOALI) in the region.